poniedziałek, 15 grudnia 2014


ET22-1031. Model from begining to the end made by myselve. Another painting diagram-PKP Cargo with weathering based - of course - on real locomotive. Chassis based on BR232 from BRAWA.
I don't remember if I didn't worked on this locomotive on my engine driver job in PKP Cargo...


ST44-795 as a rusty scrap but still worked. That's the power of Russian Gagarin 1/87 scale, Roco.


Another conversion of roco ST44-in this case without weathering-only little on the roof.
ST44-694 from Olsztyn, first half of 90s.


ST44-350 from Zamosc depot. Another original diagram of painting-this locomotive was a visiting card of Zamosc depot. Model with Weathering, based on ST44 Roco.


Popular "Gagarin"-ST44-427 from Czerwiensk depot. Painting pattern from first half of 90s. In this period of time engine drivers decorated their locomotives of different ways, with their own imagination :)
On my friend's diorama.

Wehrmaht soldier

Young German soldier in WWII, 6th army Stalingrad, 1944. Life Miniature 1/10 scale bust.

SS Pancer Officer

German panzer officer, Normandy 1944. Young Miniatures bust in 1/10 scale.

Knight of Heaven

Very pleasant bust, quiet and little tired face of young Templar knight.
Nuts Planet bust in 1/10 scale.

DAK Officer

Young Miniatures resin bust in 1/10 scale. DAK panzer officer. Typical German face, without emotions, strong and ruthless.