poniedziałek, 23 grudnia 2013


This locomotive is little younger, prepared in white-blue-red pattern of painting. This pattern was created for new PKP company: PKP Cargo, which was founded after dividing Polskie Koleje Państwowe into several dozen companies to meet Euroepan Union regulations and to save bankrupted PKP.
Model presents faded and old ST44-925 from Łazy (Upper Silesia).

Diesel locomotive class ST44-171

This is my next kit of st44 gagarin. This time I prepared it in faded green with the dark roof. Locomotive from Korsze depot, first half of 90.

piątek, 18 października 2013

Doubledecker passenger car class Bhp

My last conversion. Doubledecker car Bhp from PKP. This set was adaptation of four section car from Rivarossi in DR painting. Ends of the roofs were cutted away and in their places were glued plactic pannels. I used the putty to fill all gaps. Ttwo of three windows at head wall were removed and holes were putty.
All was little weathered (soot from steam locomotives).
Painting scheme is for V age, 90.

czwartek, 3 października 2013


Another "Gagarin" from PKP, ST44-1041 from Bialystok. Two different worlds between ST44- 480 and this. 1041 show old, used and not cared locomotive-only to work, not for good looking-in reverse to 480. That is the image of PKP at the moment. Very good topic to show modellers abilities.

POlish diesel locomotive class ST44-480 from Zagan

Its very specific locomotive, with painting of 90. This loco remember years when railways in Poland were the most important freight and passenger carrier.
Locomotive with logo ZZM from Zagan.

poniedziałek, 30 września 2013

Polish car Gags-t

Weathered with the best chemicals at the market such AK Interactive, MIG Production (also oil paints) polish car class Gags-t type 401 K in 1/87 scale.