sobota, 5 kwietnia 2014

Viksoe Warrior, Romeo Models

Another bust (I have seven of them already finished, but without bases).
Viksoe Warrior 800-400 B.C. from Romeo Models in 200mm scale. In this case we have beautiful sculped bust, with many of delicate details. I though that the most difficult would be painting of brass tube and helmet, but as a matter of fact this elements became the most simple and easy to paint:) 
Gold paint from Andrea (In my opinion Andrea priduced awesome paints, better than Vallejo) with little brown and yellow ink and we have very realistic imitation of brass. At the end some brown from vallejo painted with sponge terchniques, black wash from Tamiya and "here we are" :)

Jan-Onufry Zagloba

Without of touch with reality I made this simple bust in 1/9 scale. It's resin cast from Redfox Miniature present Polish Noble from XVII century and my first such model. Probably this imitate polish fiction Noble from Jerzy Hoffman film "Ogniem i Mieczem" which is adaptation of polish novel written by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Who else could it be: Jan Zagloba.