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Diesel locomotive class ST43 "Rumun"

One of the most popular diesel locomotive PKP in Poland.

ST43 is the name for a Romanian diesel locomotive, produced by Electroputere, exported to and operating in Poland for heavy freight trains.

In the early 1960s a need appeared in Poland for urgent introduction of locos able to haul heavy freight. This was caused mainly by the intensification of transport on south-north line, especially from the Silesian coal mines to Szczecin and Swinoujscie harbours. Lack of experience in building diesel locos for that purpose was the reason why the first ones had to be bought from Romania.

In March 1965 first 30 items of 060DA locomotives (factory number of ST43) were introduced into Poznan and Szczecin, according to agreement with romanian producer. Good results of tests allowed next deliveries to be brought to Poland. Until 1978 a total number of 422 locomotives were operating in Poland.

In the 1990s, the ST43 appeared to be no longer necessary as most of the tracks serviced by it were electrified. Most of the units were withdrawn, the rest were sent for use on passenger and light transport trains.

This model present number 171. It was build and weathered straightly due to oryginal.
Weathering I've made using the most advanced techniques and products for this task.

The base model is From Tillig/Kemo 060DA in 1:87 scale. The body is resin and projected by myself.

Please enjoy!!

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